Two High Impact Lower Body Exercises That Can Be Done Indoors

Two High Impact Lower Body Exercises That Can Be Done Indoors

Two High Impact Lower Body Exercises That Can Be Done Indoors
SQUAT: squat is a bodyweight strength training that targets the muscles of the thighs and the gluteus minimus, In fact, the lower body as a whole. Different variations of the squat are available, for example; prisoner squat (the basic squat) sumo squat, lateral jump squat, squat jacks, squat pulses, squat to lunge, and other modifications.

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How to squat correctly

  • Stand straight, hip-distance apart with toes pointing forward.
  • Go down, the butt shooting out backward and chest up. Hands can be stretched out forward at shoulder level. Avoid leaning too forward.
  • The hip should go deeper than the knee or at least on the same level.
  • Avoid bending the legs too much while going down, the knee should not go over the toes and do not raise the heel.
  • Repeat as often as possible.

The various types of squat are a combination of these principles and slight modifications.

Sumo squat: instead of the toes pointing forward, it should point to the side with legs spreading wider than the hip. Sumo squat is primarily targeted on the inner thighs.

Lateral jump squat: this is basically jumping and squatting from side to side while maintaining the correct squatting posture.

Squat jacks: An explosive squat that involves open and close jump and squatting immediately touching the floor with one hand alternating the hands at each squat.

Squat pulse: staying down in a good squat position, make a small up and down pulse with the butt. Stay as low as possible all through the pulse movement.

Narrow squat: keep the legs closed instead this time, with both feet touching each other, squat down, and maintain correct posture.
Squatting can also be done with extra weight, to increase efficiency.

LUNGES: Lunge is a lower body strength training. A lunge is when one leg is bent forward, with the foot on the floor and the other leg behind. It is a good exercise for strengthening the thighs, the gluteus maximum (butt muscle), and the hamstrings.

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How to do a lunge

  • Stand upright with one leg forward and the other behind.
  • Keeping the upper body straight up, bend the legs so that the leg forward will be at 90 degrees with the floor and try touching the floor with the knee of the leg behind.

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